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Nurse B

Nurse B the founder of Skin Envy qualified from Queens University Belfast in 2005 as a Registered General Nurse.  After  successfully graduating from Queens Nurse B secured her first nursing role within the Belfast Health & Social Care Trust. Being newly qualified Nurse B didn’t shy away from challenging herself and accepted a role in Cardiac Surgical Intensive Care.  Working here Nurse B was involved with assessing, planning and implementation of care to critically ill & deteriorating patients post cardiac surgery.

Fast forward eight amazing years Nurse B felt it was time for a new challenge, wanting to continue to professional develop she made the heart breaking decision to leave a job she adored to take up a position within Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in the Royal Jubilee Maternity Hospital in Belfast. Here she developed skills and knowledge to care for term & preterm infants who suffer from a variety of health problems ranging from surgical, cardiac, birth defects and prematurity to mention but a few.  During her time here she then went on to graduate from Queens University Belfast for a second time gaining a degree in Health Studies and not to mention being giving the opportunity to become a fully qualified Newborn Life Support Instructor for the Resuscitation Council UK.

So why the world of aesthetics I hear you say, It happened one night on duty Nurse B came to the realization that for the past 13 years she had given up her time and life to caring for some of the countries most venerable but had no time for herself.  Giving so much in these highly specialized and intense areas was leaving nothing for herself.  Self care was a term she never used deciding to slow things down she took a major step back & had taken up employment with the School Nursing Team. During her time her she had time reflect & noted all stressful years working in intensive care units had taken its toll on not only her mind and body but her face.  “Time for Botox I think” following her first treatment she walked out feeling positive and refreshed.  It was at this point she wanted to help others be more positive about how they view themselves.  Self Care, Self Love only then you can truly give to those around you.

So where is she now Nurse B has been trained by some of the best names in the aesthetic industry. She was extremely lucky to  collaborate with a very successful business women an expert in the Beauty industry Natalie Loyal of Vitality Beauty Studio.   Here Nurse B was able to bring to life her Skin Envy dream running successful clinics from an award winning beauty studio.  Nurse B is dedicated to becoming one of the best practitioners in the world of aesthetics continually learning and striving to provide clients with a welcoming positive experience that they wont forget.

Here at Skin Envy we aim to:

Revive your confidence

Renew your smile

Restore the real you